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cherry blossoms


welcome to this little slice of heaven far far back on the interwebs
this is a fan site for ignatz victor of fire emblem fame... you might ask.. why? why ignatz? ohh it should have been marianne! it should have been hilda! it should have been
yes, im salty...
JK!! im not gonna bring in popularity issues or wuteva to this site. this is a fun, happy place to host all of the love for ignatz
AS WELL AS NEWS, BTW!!!! ik they're making that new warriors game n stuff so... ヽ(^◇^*)/

thas enuff introduction.. lol.
i am a diehard golden deer fan.. so they will all get their time
i'll post here about ignatz n other shtuff, so please check frequently and sign the guestbook♡


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ANOTHER YEAR OF IGNATZ!! aren't we lucky?

i can't believe another year has gone by again!!!
ive made four entire cakes, and
had FOUR ENTIRE PARTIES for ignatz victor...
of course this date is so important to me!
usually, i take off of work for it!

when it comes to celebrating,
i celebrate ignatz' birthday rather than my own.
that sounds a little sad typed out...
but i dont mind!

i love being able to celebrate a character i hold so dear.

sadly, i work tonight for quite a long time
so i wont be able to PARTY HARD
but thats okay, im celebrating in my own way!

its super chilly out today,
it keeps snowing.
i think if ignatz were here, hed find it beautiful!

i hope everyone has a fantastic day today!

in honor of ignatz, do something creative today!

drawing, photography, writing... go make something fun!
its going to be a great day.




hello everyone!

this is cali giving you an update on the site!♡

first, a little bit of explanation for my silence.
over time, i lost interest in fire emblem. for very upsetting reasons...
i am a gay trans man, and when i was into fire emblem and interacting with the people
i was faced with hate and unwelcoming actions.
of course, any fanbase can be hateful, but here was especially bad.
when it comes to ignatz, there is a weird stigma of negativity and constant hate
i got very sick of it.

online, in a space i very much love (that of fans of ignatz x raphael)
a bizarre controversy happened, that was fought with transphobia.
i was incredibly hurt and upset by this, and i slowly fell out of love with fire emblem.

three hopes came out, and i played... some of it.
i found myself bored in parts unrelated to ignatz and raphael.

i essentially moved on for the sake of my happiness, and my brain is very one note.
i get obsessed with one thing at a time, and so i found myself
obsessed with dead by daylight instead.
it was welcoming, with a loving gay community and characters i loved.

this month, my beautiful pet rat, raphael, passed away.
it was so, so hard to face. i loved him, and he loved me.
my other rat, ignatz, is now alone.
ive had some time to reflect on my time,
i love this site, and updating it.
writing with love i have for a character i care about
was so much fun, and a great way
for me to share my feelings and spread some love.
i adore ignatz and raphael, and theyve
given me strength through horrible times.

i do not want to reflect on fire emblem
with sadness and the feeling of being hated.
i've returned to coding on here between my work,
i want to make fans happy, and create something lovely.
i thank everyone who has been here before,
who has signed my guestbook,
and who has held out for a new update.

ive returned with new happiness,
and i cannot wait to share it with you all.

thank you, and i cannot wait to return!



ignatz... today is your birthday!

i am so happy and excited for today, it's march 14th!
every year, i celebrate with a cake. i partied with my friends yesterday.
ignatz victor is my favorite character ever (and ive played A LOT of games)
i love him so very much, and can see myself in his struggles
i always get excited for his birthday, the fanart, the fanfiction...
what a loving fanbase, i know ignatz isnt popular
but he deserves lots of love. today is the day he recieves it ♡
ignatz, i have played many fire emblems before three houses
never had i been attached to someone like him, truly
i hope everyone has a good day today.
i took off from work for mental health, but i bought myself candy to celebrate.
even though i struggle, he will still make me smile.

ignatz, happy happy birthday!
i love you♡

fanart source♡



this is my favorite cipher card ignatz has, everything about it is just perfect.

firstly, do you see the painting in the back? ignatz painted it!
hes so talented, and its so great to see one of his paintings finally!
this also confirms that that painting shown in game was by him, which is just amazing ≧◡≦
but.... there is something even more important on this card.....
ignatz's special skill!

here ignatz has a skill titled "a portrait of raphael", in which he paints raphael and makes him even stronger.
its so adorable! i love how theyre paired together like this, they just have the best relationship ;-;
i dont play the card game, but i do collect these cards.
i currently have all of ignatz's and one of raphael's~ i hope to get the rest sometime soon♡



actually... did u know.....

i have two rats!
theyre the cutest little guys around...
their names? ah... its embarrasing...b but their names are...

raphael and ignatz...

theyre just so cute!
i love rats, i love raphael and ignatz...
combine them! perfection(●´ω`●)



sometimes i forget ignatz has removed his glasses...
the support conversation was so cute! he really has the best supports, doesnt he?
i do feel a bit bad for him, as he's always running into people!
i guess he's a bit clumsy o(╥﹏╥)o
its so strange to see his bare face!
he does look very handsome after the timeskip, i notice!
oh ignatz, you dashing little guy...
petra looked quite cute wearing them too, but i dont think they fit her very well...
sorry ignatz, i guess you'll continue as nerdiest student!




ignatz is finally in feh!
when i saw the trailer i was on the phone with my friends and i literally shrieked LOLLLL
but like. they waited soo long i was just so happy!
can u rlly blame me !? ;-;

i can reunite ignatz with raphael!
i felt so bad for the guy,
he was all alone without him!

look at them together!;-;
love is real. LOL
annnd heres his like unit data
or wuteva... even if he was the worst unit in the game
i would use him.
these r all for his 5 star form

might - 12
range - 2

effective against flying foes. if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants atk/def +5 and bonus to atk/def
during combat = current penalty on each of those stats x 2. (example: if unit has -7 penalty to atk, grants atk +19, for a net bonus of atk +12) calculates
each stat bonus independently.
(it's complimentary to raph's bow, isnt that just too cute?)
rally atk/spd
range - 1
grants atk/spd +3 to an adjacent ally until end of turn
(being supportive as always, ignatz!)
spd/def form 3
grants spd/def+x to unit during combat (x=2x number of allies within 2 spaces, +1; max is 7)
def tactic 3
at start of turn, grants def+6 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. granted only if number of that ally's movement type on current
team is less than or equal to 2

wat skills should i give him?

tbh i just gave him like random shit. that close counter that gatekeepr had?
but look to giving him.........

  • atk/spd unity
  • crafty fighter3
  • d/r far save 3
  • darting breath
  • bonfire
  • atk/def bond3
  • vengeful fighter 3
  • atk smoke 3
  • atk/def bond 3

and dont kill a raphael for him cuz i WILL know n i WILL cry. ok!?

more to come soon! please stick around omo